Welcome to the home page of our Web site and to our company in the centre of Warsaw.
We offer a wide range of engraving services using the latest technology, including 3D digital engraving as well as traditional hand engraving.
We can engrave on :

  • Rare metals (gold, silver, etc.)
  • Other metals (brass, copper aluminium etc.)
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Plastics
  • Glass

We can also produce your graphics, including transferring from paper or CD. We will scan your image and produce the logo from your drawing. Individual project are also catered for, transforming your ideas into reality. We have 1500 font styles and can cope with almost any language including Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Japanese. However if your request is in one of these languages we would ask that you type your details into our computer to avoid any mistakes.
Wedding and engagement rings and other items are very important and personnal, especially when they contain dates and names that have hidden meanings to the wearer. We can engrave both inside and outside rings.
We can engrave text, logos or graphics on all types of watches including gold, silver, steel, titanium or glass.
Pens including fountain pens can also be engraved on. These can be made of lacquer, enamel, steel or any other material.
We can also provide an engraved plaque to go inside the pen case as a dedication to the recipient.
Your initials or even your signature can be engraved on your pen to add that extra impression to your clients.